Dragoon Fold (Fat Tyre) Ebike

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The folding structure makes the folding size only 830*480*700mm, weights only 23Kg.

 It can easily fit in the back of an SUV, in the trunk of a car, RV and easily folds for ease of transportation.


Dragoon FOLD bike is fashionable and unique. The brilliant seat-tube battery pack design makes it look just like a regular folding bike and one of the lightest e-bikes in the market. But the rear motor plus a torque senor will always remind you how superb this little e-bike is by providing smooth boosts and an effortless riding experience. Compared to a regular-sized e-bike, this folding bike is cheaper, lighter and easier to carry around.

This bike is available for online ordering but must be collected from our Silverdale store when ready.