CrampFix Rapid Mouth Spray

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Take it with you anywhere! Just spray in the mouth when required!

Easily fits into your pocket, handbag, glovebox, gym bag, gardening basket or tool box! Keep a bottle next to your bed, handy for those pesky night time cramps!

Effective and reliable relief when you need it. The all-natural, proprietary formula is able to relieve any muscle cramps within 30 seconds to 2 minutes!

 RELIEVES NOCTURNAL LEG CRAMPS - No more losing sleep over painful muscle cramps. Relieve night cramps in seconds so you can regain lost sleep.

 FASTER THAN MAGNESIUM & QUININE - CrampFix works through the neuro-muscular system which can work up to 20 times faster than through the bloodstream.

 LOW DOSAGE & EASY TO USE - Only use it when you need! Just spray CrampFix Rapid Mouth Spray 4 times in the mouth to relieve non-exercise related cramps fast. Repeat if necessary. Each bottle contains 60 doses!

 100% NATURAL – GLUTEN FREE – VEGAN - The all-natural CrampFix® formula contains no artificial ingredients or added preservatives.

Contains approximately 62 doses.

Available in Sour Cherry Flavour.

Ingredients: Water, vinegar, sugar, salt, potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), natural cherry flavour.

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